Custom cartography for professionals

Maps4Print is an online cartography service - delivering custom, print-ready PDF maps straight to your inbox. Whether you're a map publisher, magazine designer or travel advisor - we've got the perfect map for your graphic design project.

Map example

Royalty-free vector maps

Our maps are by default optimized for Adobe Illustrator®, separated into layers by features and almost immediately available for download. We only deliver PDF files in vector format with editable fonts, we don't use raster data! By using free OpenStreetMap data, we can offer worldwide data coverage - without royalty fees!

Map example – Map in Adobe Illustrator®, seperated by layers
Example of a map - click to zoom

A big selection of beautiful map styles

With more than 30 customizable map styles you'll definitely find what you need. Our easy-to-use map editor helps you to choose the right style - just toggle off the options that you don't need.

Manual cartography with state-of-the-art software

We're old-school cartographers. But drawing maps by hand takes a lot of time. So we developed custom software for helping us deliver high-quality manual cartography fast, while still allowing a skilled designer to quality-check your map. This way you can get your custom map within up to two days!

No licensing fees

We create professional vector maps from OpenStreetMap data. This data is available for free - so you don't need to pay extra for more print runs.

Maps4Print web application

Wall maps, hiking maps, city maps, . . .

The right map at the right time

You have an idea for a map - we've got the solution. See our vast variety of example maps and convince yourself of our outstanding map quality. All example maps are free to use.

Free consulting - just call us!

Are you having problems with your digital download or problems with our editor? Email us for free support ( or call us directly - (mondays - fridays, 8 am - 4pm CET). We're always looking forward to critique and suggestions!

Custom cartography

Our Prices

We calculate the price for a map on a per-map basis as follows:

  • Base price: 50.00 € + 0.10 € per cm²

    • x 1.3 for styles with all labels

    • x 1.0 for styles with normal label density

    • x 0.8 for styles with low label density

    • x 0.7 for styles with lowest label density (infographic styles)

    • x 0.6 for styles with no labels

  • (Optional) Street index + 10.00 €

  • (Optional) Labeled contours + 20.00 €

  • (Optional) Hillshaded background + 20.00 €

  • + 19% VAT + PayPal transaction fees (2.9% + 0.35 €)


  • 5cm x 5cm (= 1.96 in x 1.96 in) with style "Infographic Blue" (lowest label density): 66.48€

  • 29,7cm x 21cm (= 8.27 in x 11.69 in) with style "Vienna" (all streets labeled) with street index, hillshade + contours: 230.59€

  • 200cm x 200cm (= 78.74 in x 78.74 in) with style "London" (all streets labeled) with street index: 6738.99€

Note: These prices are only informative examples and do not constitute a legally binding offer. If you have to process larger maps, don't hesistate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

  • What do you offer that other providers don't?

    In difference to many other map providers, we can offer:

    • Vector data instead of raster data
    • Editable fonts with included font files
    • Layer-seperated Illustrator® files without extra fees
    • Manual cartography - leading to easy-to-read labeling and higher information density than auto-generated maps
    • Full rights to print as many copies as you want: your map is yours
    • Fair pricing - dependent on map size and label density: you don't pay for what you don't use
    • Complete street index, useful for tourist and travel agencies (optional)
  • What do I receive once I order a map?

    You'll receive:

    • The map as a layer-separated .ai (Adobe Illustrator®) file as vector data
    • The map as a layer-separated .pdf (Portable Document Format) file as vector data
    • The rasterized map as a .tiff file in 300dpi resolution
    • A legend of the map and a scale bar as separate PDF files
    • All font files used in the map
    • (Optional) A .csv file containing the complete street index of the map
  • Is the map in a raster format or a vector format?

    Our maps use only vector data, separated by semantic layer (i.e. roads, landuse, city labels, street labels). We do not rasterize the map data, as many other providers do.

  • I want to change the colors of lines in the map. Is this possible?

    Yes. Since we deliver a map separated by layers, you can select, transform and edit all shapes in the map using a vector graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator® (paid) or Inkscape (free).

  • Do you offer custom map styles?

    No, but you can style your map later on. To offer these low prices we use pre-configured map styles, which are pre-configured in their label selection and size for the correct scale. However, since we deliver vector shapes instead of a rasterized map, you can use a vector editor to change colors, change fonts, edit text and highlight shapes after you receive the map.

  • Can change the font, font size or edit the label text?

    Yes. Unlike many other providers, we deliver maps with editable fonts included in the PDF. You can edit the labels either using Adobe Illustrator® or a program that can edit PDF files - such as Affinity Designer or Inkscape

  • What happens after I pay?

    You'll receive a confirmation email with a regular invoice and your order will be stalled until the payment transaction is confirmed (for example, credit cards do not transfer money immediately - we need to do this in order to prevent fraud).

    After receiving your payment, your map is processed within two working days (excluding Saturday / Sunday). You'll receive another email with a download link to your ZIP file containing the processed order (contents outlined above).

  • Will I receive an invoice with a separate VAT?

    Yes, we report tax separately on our invoices. You will be able to download a regular invoice with all information about your order after you pay. You can download your invoice from your account page, where all orders are listed.

  • Do you offer a refund period? What if I don't like the map?

    We can't refund your order after processing it, but you can request up to two revisions, in case there are problems. These revisions are free of charge.

  • You have the right to do whatever you want with your map, except for reselling the files. You can print unlimited copies, sell your printed maps, use them in your graphic desing project - the only restriction is that you have to put © OpenStreetMap contributors | Maps4Print somewhere. See our Terms of Service.